Classifieds-Website Design for Online Classifieds

Just imagine having your very own classifieds website? Your classifieds website could be for your local community, city, state or for the United States and other countries. Let us design one for so that you can start earning money right away. Imagine having a classifieds website that differentiates each city with its very own banner. As well as enhancing user experience (UX), you can use this banner to charge business owners to advertise or simply use it to display an image of that city. There are many more options to earn money as well such as charging for advertising on pages and featuring ads plus you can also create your very own coupons and sell tickets for events so users can print them out or upload them to their cellphones.

Includes Mobile App View

Imagine you need to build a website for cars, jobs, real estate or boat classifieds or for anything else. You wouldn’t want to miss out on visits from mobiles with a difficult to navigate site, would you? – well, we’ve got you covered. This design is responsive and additionally supports a mobile app view which you can activate by a press of a button. This gives your users a simplified view on mobile devices and it makes browsing super-fast and simple.

Contact Seller Option

Contacting a seller is just a click away and it’s available on every ad’s detail page. Message sent via from this form goes straight to the listing owner’s email address.

Visit a live classifieds website that we designed- Click Here