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  • Who We Are

    We design and develop professional Wordpress websites, the choice of all Fortune 500 companies. Our websites are built to perform and look great on all displays. We utilize the latest digital technology to create designs that are simply Top-Notch. Remember your website represents your business and service. Don't just settle for a mediocre website, your company deserves the very best! "Your Vision Is Our Task"

  • Designs

    Each 954 Media Group website has one of the most advanced WordPress designs in its niche. Most of our designs provide features that are simply not available anywhere else. Our websites are designed, developed and built to perform and function in any country or language. They are user friendly and SEO optimized so that your website will receive lots of traffic out of the starting gate and that's important.

  • Compatibility

    Having a website to perform great is crucial but its also equally important to have it look great. This means whether your site visitor is looking at your site from a mobile device, touch pad, laptop or any computer it is coded to look and perform great everywhere. This simply means low bounce rates, better position in Google search results.


Listing Zone-Website Design for Listing Directory
Sound Express-Website Design for Music Gigs & Management
Biz Listings- Website Design for Online Business Directory
LENOX POOLS-Website Design for Small Business
Eateries-Website Design for Restaurant
iBiz-Website Design for Businesses
Spa Envy-Website Design for Spas & Salons
JOB Finder-Website Design for Job Search
Wedding RSVP-Website Design for Wedding
AUTO X-Website Design for Auto Listings
Furniture Spot-Website Design for Furniture Store
Classifieds-Website Design for Online Classifieds
BIZPage-Website Design for Business Listings
Vacation Rentals-Website Design for Vacation Rentals
Realty-Website Design for Realty Listings
Biz Serve-Website Design for Appointments
Restaurant-Website Design for Restaurant
BONEX VIDS-Website Design for Videos
Revify-Website Design for Salons
Happenings-Website Design for Events
Real Estate Central-Website Design for Real Estate
City Mapster-Website Design for Business Listings
My Place-Website Design Like Airbnb
Fun Cart-Website Design for Shopping
Jens Daily Deals-Website Design For Deals
Shalaxy Videos-Website Design Like YouTube
Locator-Website Design for Business Directory
Hanex Construction-Website Design for Construction Company
EVENTCHA-Website Design for Events
I am so pleased with my website and just want to say thanks so much its more then I expected. I am so pleased that it was done on time. Thanks again - Tina Edson- Kenosha, WI
You guys really did an awesome job building my website and I just want you to know if I ever need to have another one I will definitely be using you again for sure! - Robert Simmons- Portland, OR
Very satisfied with my website and I love the way it looks on any device. Oh and I just want to say thanks for putting up with all of my phone calls and questions. Lol - Jennifer Watson- Pompano, FL
I would highly recommend anyone who wants a great performing and looking website to choose 954 Media Group. They are very professional and do great work. - Terry Sanders- Asheville, NC
Let me just say you all knocked it out of the park! Very pleased with the design and how quick it responds on my cellphone. - Mike Burton- Seattle, WA
If anyone wants a really great video website, these guys are the best!!! - Pete Asbury- Miami, Fl


954 Media Group specializes in creating beautiful app-like WordPress websites. Our websites are known for their stunning design and powerful features which provide a unique experience for visitors.

  • Quality Features

    Each 954 Media Group website has one of the most advanced WordPress designs in its niche. Our websites provide features that are simply not available anywhere else.

  • Customer Care

    We strive to keep all of our customers up to date with the development of their website and other services that we offer. It is very important to us to provide great customer service and support.

  • Website Security

    We have utilized the best website security software available in the industry keeping your website safe, sound and secure!

  • SEO

    Our websites are created to be (SEO) search engine optimization friendly. This gives you the opportunity to rank high in search engine results. With High Rankings in Search Engines, your website gets more views, more clicks and makes more money.

  • Make Money

    Instead of relying on secondary revenue streams such as ads, most 954 Media Group designs come with built-in payment systems that allow you to process payments and make money without any additional applications.

  • Designs

    To provide maximum compatibility with WordPress and some plugins, our designs are routinely updated. We also design animated videos and banner advertisements to help promote your business and services.

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We design professional WordPress websites, the choice of all Fortune 500 companies. If you want a website for your business and services, we have a Portfolio section just for you. Are you looking to sell merchandise, our designs are compatible with WooCommerce which makes it easy to sell online.